When I was stuck at home

21st May, 2020 Manipulation0 Comments

When we were all stuck at home during the Corona Lock-Down here in Lagos I, as a photographer, had no other choice than to take pictures in my house or close vicinity. During one of my home-projects I wanted to tell my own story.

I am not a hyper active person but I would describe myself as an outgoing one. There has been hardly a day that I voluntarily stayed inside my house for a straight…

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Fulani Village

The Fulani herdsmen and their lifestyle are particularly intriguing and fascinating. Fulani herdsmen are the most travelled of the other tribes. That’s why the Fulani herdsmen and the host communities in those days were natural allies. Whereas the host communities dwelt in cities or rural areas, the Fulani herdsmen dwelt in the bush; indeed they were the bush masters. So skillful were they in the management of their…

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Photorials with YAB - Inspiration



Nowadays almost everybody with a good camera can take good pictures. Pictures that are sharp, well exposed and well balanced is not that difficult to achieve anymore as new technologies make it so easy for anybody.

So how can we as professional photographers set ourselves apart? One reason why we are not like others is that we have trained ourselves to think and see differently and approach any of our tasks from another angle as any…

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Heartbeat - The Musical

21st Nov, 2016 Photography0 Comments

On the 6th of November 2016, I was commissioned to photograph “Heartbeat-The Musical” produced by Lufodo Productions @MusonCentre. I equipped my self with my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 6D. I knew fully well that I will not be allowed to  use my flash so I also packed two high speed L lenses that all  go up to 1:2,8.

I was technically ready. But when the play started I was not prepared at…

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Photorials with YAB - Camera Setting

16th Nov, 2016 Photorials0 Comments

In this episode of “Photorials with YAB” I start to explain camera-settings. Understanding aperture and/or time priority is key in photography. To make it easy to understand for beginners I portrayed a Nigerian Aboki in his shop.

(Aboki is Hausa and means “Friend” but the expression is more often used when talking about a street side shop owner from the North).

Once you see the images the meaning and importance of different aperture…

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Photorials with YAB - Posing

19th Oct, 2016 Photorials0 Comments

In Nigeria we love our traditional outfits. But sometimes the voluminous cuts and heavy fabrics can make you look bulky. 

In this video I photographed our Model Funke in a traditional bridal wear with a big Gele on her head. I explain how to photograph a curvey model in traditional wear and still make her look slim.

Enjoy the video!

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Photorials with YAB

5th Oct, 2016 Photorials0 Comments

This is the second episode of Photorials with YAB.

It is still about the fantastic results window light can give you. But in this clip we have added a reflector. Just a simple and inexpensive equipment like a reflector can improve the quality of your lighting immensley.

Enjoy the tutorial.

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Photorials with YAB

16th Feb, 2016 Photorials0 Comments

I have been working in Lagos, Nigeria for a couple of years now. Though I studied advertising photography in Germany, my time in Nigeria has thought me a lot more. Especially when it comes to improvisation and overcoming challenges.As a photographer you never stop learning.

Now it is time to give back.

“Photorials with YAB” will be my way of sharing information, experiences and simple tick and tricks that can come…

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