Photorials with YAB - Posing

19th Oct, 2016 Photorials0 Comments

In Nigeria we love our traditional outfits. But sometimes the voluminous cuts and heavy fabrics can make you look bulky. 

In this video I photographed our Model Funke in a traditional bridal wear with a big Gele on her head. I explain how to photograph a curvey model in traditional wear and still make her look slim.

Enjoy the video!

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Photorials with YAB

5th Oct, 2016 Photorials0 Comments

This is the second episode of Photorials with YAB.

It is still about the fantastic results window light can give you. But in this clip we have added a reflector. Just a simple and inexpensive equipment like a reflector can improve the quality of your lighting immensley.

Enjoy the tutorial.

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