Heartbeat - The Musical

21st Nov, 2016 Photography0 Comments

On the 6th of November 2016, I was commissioned to photograph “Heartbeat-The Musical” produced by Lufodo Productions @MusonCentre. I equipped my self with my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 6D. I knew fully well that I will not be allowed to  use my flash so I also packed two high speed L lenses that all  go up to 1:2,8.

I was technically ready. But when the play started I was not prepared at…

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Photorials with YAB - Camera Setting

16th Nov, 2016 Photorials0 Comments

In this episode of “Photorials with YAB” I start to explain camera-settings. Understanding aperture and/or time priority is key in photography. To make it easy to understand for beginners I portrayed a Nigerian Aboki in his shop.

(Aboki is Hausa and means “Friend” but the expression is more often used when talking about a street side shop owner from the North).

Once you see the images the meaning and importance of different aperture…

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