Fulani Village

19th Sep, 2018 Uncategorised 0 Comment(s)

The Fulani herdsmen and their lifestyle are particularly intriguing and fascinating. Fulani herdsmen are the most travelled of the other tribes. That’s why the Fulani herdsmen and the host communities in those days were natural allies. Whereas the host communities dwelt in cities or rural areas, the Fulani herdsmen dwelt in the bush; indeed they were the bush masters. So skillful were they in the management of their forest life that they earned the admiration of host communities in Nigeria. They were simple, not greedy, in love with their cows, strong and untiring, not violent (in fact largely unarmed with only staves and knifes for domestic use).

Visiting a Fulani Village in the Middle Belt of Nigeria was mindblowing and sobering. I realized how little we actually need to survive. I was also able to enter one of the Fulani huts and was surprised by how neat, clean and cool they were, though these huts were built deep in a bush. 

Here a few images from inside the huts which I took with a Canon fish eye lens.