When I was stuck at home

21st May, 2020 Manipulation 0 Comment(s)

When we were all stuck at home during the Corona Lock-Down here in Lagos I, as a photographer, had no other choice than to take pictures in my house or close vicinity. During one of my home-projects I wanted to tell my own story.

I am not a hyper active person but I would describe myself as an outgoing one. There has been hardly a day that I voluntarily stayed inside my house for a straight 24 hours. I am always on the move; If not for my job, then for my family or friends. So you can imagine that the lock-down has not been and is still not easy for me. Being summoned to be worried or even afraid is not easy for me.

And since I cannot be afraid for myself I try to be scared for my kids and my husband who is more vulnerable than I am.

So if I needed to shut down in order to protect my family, I had to shut down all the way.  That is what I wanted to show in this Multiple Exposure image that reflects a day of sweet-time-wasting during the pandemic.

I got inspired by one of my former works shown in my 2019 exhibition “White Ebony – Skin Deep”.  The image is called “Understanding” and is also a Multiple Exposure image that shows young PWA (person with albinism) girl lost in a classroom trying to understand her situation and the world she was born into with a different skin.

I believe both images explain well how lost we all feel right now as a people.